Smash racket is now available! The first 1000 rackets will be a limited edition with engraved numbers from 1-1000.

Now available!

The Pongfinity Smash three star racket is the perfect table tennis racket for all starting players giving great quality and control to your game. The high level surface rubber provides spins to impress your opponents and SMASH them off the table!

The racket is designed and tested by all Pongfinity members to ensure an epic game of ping pong. With this ITTF-approved racket you can also compete in any official tournament.

  • ITTF-approved
  • Three star racket
  • Sponge thickness 1.6 mm
  • 7-ply blade
  • Developed by Pongfinity

The first 1000 limited edition Smash rackets will have a unique engraved number on the blade corresponding the order they have been purchased in.

Smash racket

Smash Racket

Testing our new racket