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The Team

We are three childhood friends who met each other through table tennis as small kids in the Finnish junior national team. Fast forward 15 years to grown-ups and we are still having a blast together and loving to play around with the sport to showcase how funny, challenging and versatile table tennis can truly be! Friendship, table tennis and being ourselves - that’s what Pongfinity is all about!



Otto (Sensei)

Speciality within the team: Power and tricks 💪
Started playing table tennis: At 5-years-old
Likes toWin Pongfinity battles and challenges 🏆
Favorite Pongfinity video: Our first video - Firestarter 🔥
Most memorable Pongfinity moment: Making the ping pong raft on the lake 🌊
Other sports of interests: Disc golf, padel, squash 🥏🎾



Speciality within the team: When the challenges come to speed or jumping it's usually me...🕺
Started playing table tennisAt 6-years-old! 🏓
Likes to: Having fun and messing around✌️
Favorite Pongfinity video: Ping pong in the middle of the lake
Most memorable Pongfinity moment: Launching our webstore and sending out the very first product orders from our living room!
Besides from table tennis: Food and Traveling ✈️
Other sports of interest: Skateboarding 🛹


Speciality within the team: Creative guy & entertainer 💡🤹
Started playing table tennis: At 7-years-old. Switched focus from playing to creating videos at 18-years-old! 🎥
Likes to: Laugh and smile 😁
Favorite Pongfinity video: Glow in the dark ping pong 
Most memorable Pongfinity moment: The day we hit 1M subscribers. Receiving thousands of messages from people all over the world congratulating us for the milestone made it feel incredibly special! 🙏
Besides from table tennis: Graduated with a Master's degree in economics 🎓
Other sports of interest: F1, tennis and badminton 🏎️🎾🏸